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Scorpion Technology Computers Terms & Conditions
Please refer to the manufacturer's website for the terms and conditions and the warranty period of individual parts.

Custom-built desktop systems are tested by Scorpion Technology (Scorptec) and by me prior to being delivered to the customer. As good as these tests are, there is always the risk that a product may fail prematurely. Should a part fail, a replacement will be requested from Scorptec. Because of the frequent changes to technology, I do not keep every part for a system in stock (i.e.: CPU, motherboard, hard disk, etc)

Most parts come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty but some have 3 or even lifetime warranties. Island Computers will do as much as we can to make sure no downtime occurs with a customer's machine. However - if a motherboard, CPU, hard disk or other key part of a machine fails without prior warning signs, this may result in your machine being offline for an extended period of time.

Courier service is the standard means of replacement. Same day part replacement is available upon request/urgency at the customer's expense.
Personal Data

It is the customer's responsibility to back up their personal data regularly to media, such as USB flash drives, external hard disks or online. Every attempt will be made by Island Computers to make sure all personal data is preserved whilst providing support but if something is lost then Island Computers will not be held responsible. But we will make every attempt to recover it if it should happen. Recovery charges may apply.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide media for the purposes of transferring personal data from one machine to another. If you do not have a flash drive or an external hard disk, you may purchase a device from Island Computers or other retailer. If neither is available then we will use our own drive for the purpose of data transfer. Again, we accept no liability for the loss of any data during this procedure.

Island Computers makes every effort to make sure no data is ever lost but it is still the customer's responsibility to make backups as frequently as possible. It is highly recommended to make frequent backups - to multiple devices if possible.

Island Computers does not support the following:

Open source software.
Open Source software is always used at the customer's own risk. Island Computers accepts no responsibility for things going wrong with unsupported software. Open Source is often only supported via community forums and not by the developers themselves. 

Software such as Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser and the best and safest to use at the moment. Mozilla Thunderbird however, which is renowned for having issues with it's poorly developed and badly supported UI and code is definitely not supported. But every effort will be made to assist the customer if they need help to migrate their Thunderbird data to Microsoft Outlook (charged at the usual hourly rate of course.) 

Libre Office is a good and free alternative to Microsoft 365/Office but is, by no means, anywhere near as good as Microsoft 365/Office. 
Again, things can go wrong and support will be limited if any at all.

Linux O.S.
Ubuntu, Redhat and all other forms of Linux are not supported. There's just not enough demand for it and no enquiries so time spent learning the system is pointless at this stage. 

Pirated software of any kind!
If you have unlicensed copies of software, be it, Microsoft, Adobe, MYOB/Reckon, whatever and you haven't bought a license for - you're on your own. Do the developers a favour and buy the software. 

Pirated games.
If you have downloaded or bought an illegal copy of a video game Island Computers will not help you. If you didn't pay for it, then you need to solve the problem yourself. As above, do the developers a favour and buy the software (Ubisoft and EA included). is a great place to buy games at a discounted price. 

Downloading torrents is almost always illegal. Getting all high and mighty about Peer to Peer networks won't save you from lawyers out for blood. If you do it, you're breaking the law. It's that simple. You're on your own. Island Computers is not obliged to help you with this in any way. 

Adult content.
Island Computers will not assist people with finding or copying adult content.

Seriously not cool!! Please be aware that even asking about this may get you reported to the Federal Police.