Our Services

Hourly rate - $80. Minimum fee - $40.

All services are charged at hourly rate unless stated otherwise.

Written quotes are available upon request. A verbal estimate of costs is always provided.

Service charges include:
On-Site Support.
Remote Support.
Email Support, within reason.
Text Message Support (within reason)
Computer pick-ups from your home. (Petrol costs basically.)
Support where a computer has been delivered to me. (Total cost negotiable)
Initial troubleshooting where no further actions are performed. (Charged at hourly rate).
Phone Support - within reason. (Total cost negotiable)

Work Examples

New Computer Setup: $200

This includes copying your data from your old computer to the new one. Purchasing an external hard disk is highly recommended.

You purchased a new computer. Contrary to popular deception by retailers, they do not come ready to go. They invariably need a lot of updates, especially where Windows 8 and Windows 10 are concerned; and they usually require someone to transfer your data from your old machine to your new one.

Computers usually come with antivirus software like Norton 360 or McAfee Live Safe trials (both of which are awful in my opinion). I always recommend using Avast instead; preferably the paid version but the free version is good too. - your choice - but the paid one offers substantially more security.

Again contrary to popular retailer claims, Microsoft Office does not come free with your computer so purchasing this, and then configuring it, also takes time. Something I can do quickly and easily.

Other requests are charged at the hourly rate.

Computer Rebuild: $200

When you're computer really is stuffed, it is sometimes far easier to rebuild it. The procedure can be long and quite laborious, involving installing a lot of software and updates; and restarting time after time.

It is best to make sure that all data is backed up prior to a rebuild because once it's gone, it really is gone. It is essential to make sure that all the software installed on your computer is accounted for. Purchasing an external hard disk is highly recommended.
Please read the Island Computers Terms and Conditions regarding data loss.

Licensed software, including CDs and DVDs where applicable must be presented prior to a rebuild. This includes Microsoft Windows and/or Microsoft Office.
No dodgy copies accepted. Pirated software will not be installed.

MYOB & Quicken information must be provided beforehand. Re-registering the license is sometimes required upon re-installation so your login details or a license code must be provided.

Other requests are charged at the hourly rate.

Infection Removal: ~$200

If your machine does get infected with a Virus, Trojan or other malware then this can be a pretty big deal. Norton products are the most susceptible to viruses, then McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, Trend Micro and down the list it goes.

On the odd occasion the infection is so entrenched that it is a really difficult job to remove it successfully. On these occasions I will advise the customer and charge an hourly rate accordingly, with a capped rate of $350. It can take many long frustrating hours to remove a virus; sometimes it's easier to just back up your data, wipe the computer and start again.