About Island Computers

Island Computers has been operating on Phillip Island since 2007, originally under the name Simple I.T. until the business name was changed to it's present name. A change of business name meant a fresh approach to a growing market in the Phillip Island area.

Island Computers prefers to help individuals at home or small businesses. Every effort is made to accommodate the customer's needs but in these busy times. However customers need to realise they may have to wait before support can be provided. This doesn't work for everyone so Island Computer's make sure they're up front about it.

The owner of Island Computers is Ben Miles. He has lived in Australia since 2003 and worked in I.T. for over 20 years. Ben has previously worked for, or contracted with, internet and telephony companies in both the U.K. and Australia. He has also worked for some of the major I.T. companies in Australia including CSC, EDS and Fujitsu.