New Computers

Island Computers is a registered reseller for Scorptec Computers.

Please call Island Computers to discuss your options for purchasing a new notebook or desktop. Notebooks come in various shapes and sizes, as do desktops. All-in-one desktops have become more common and their build quality is excellent, as is their price - most of the time. 

Custom built desktops are also available upon request, especially for gaming, professional photography, video editing and graphic design. 

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New Computer Buyer's Guide 
Computers have worse depreciation than cars. It's a heated race to be the best and products sometimes become superseded in less than a year so knowing what to choose is very important. 

Solid State Drives (NVMe or SSD). The Windows boot times for an NVMe drive are amazing and can be as little as 2 seconds! They are truly awesome!! NVME SSDs are even faster than a SATA SSD and are the No.1 recommendation for your OS install drive.

Second-hand / refurbished computers.

Island Computers do not sell or loan out second-hand (refurbished) computers. Yes we do get some computers that can potentially be refurbished but we are never willing to sell them to a customer if we don't think they will last very long or something else is likely to fail in said machine. Island Computers would never do anything dishonest such as selling second-hand computers that should have been sent to e-waste.
It is definitely not a genuine or moral way to operate a business.